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My thoughts on Pokemon GO UPDATE
       Heya, everyone. It's time for an update.
In case you didn't know, a few days ago, I actually made a deviation expressing my thoughts on Pokemon GO and what I had to or could say about it giving the current situation as I explained in the deviation. Since then, I was actually able to get past the very strict maintenance time to actually jump in and play the game, pick my starter (I picked Squirtle for my adventure, something I would never do in any Kanto game attempt), and get the hang of catching Pokemon.
I now have some hours logged in as well as getting very close to level 6, and have caught a few Pokemon along the way. I even  joined Team Instinct in case I actually want to do gym battles in the future. It sounds like I actually love Pokemon GO, right? Ehhhh...........
The short answer is somewhat. I love playing Pokemon GO when I actually get the chance to catch Pokemon or want to go somewhere to catch Pokemon or look at what Pokestops there are. Unf
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My thoughts on Pokemon GO (So far)
       I know that a good chunk of Pokemon fans were really excited when Pokemon GO was announced. Now that it's been released here in the US, there will be a lot of people running around to their semi-real life adventure of catching them all.
       To be honest, I actually really love the concept. I've always wanted to travel and this app combines that with my love of Pokemon greatly. I would absolutely love to finally dive into the game and catch Pokemon by just walking (or driving) around from city to city, and maybe with practice and a training strategy and smart-phone that doesn't suck, I can try to win and dare I say, 'catch them all'.
       That not to say that the app is perfect, though. The concept had some laughable memes and Tumblr posts in the past before it came out, and as far I've been able to find is that the game has some pretty big bugs, including the sound fucking up, the GPS system failing, the battery dr
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Bunnies Out to Play by johnjoseco
Mature content
Bunnies Out to Play :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 361 19
Fire Emblem -bonding- by K-Nashi
Mature content
Fire Emblem -bonding- :iconk-nashi:K-Nashi 340 27
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The Dual Swords of Kings
So, I was replaying Earthbound and got to the Stonehenge Base. I decided to grind a bit for the Sword of Kings because I was a bit under leveled and could afford it (under leveled meaning I'm usually around 67-71 by this point and the only one that was in the 60's when I got to this point was Ruth, who was 61.), and so I took 40 minutes out of my time to find the Sword of Kings.

I went back using the exit mouse, healed, returned to go through the base normally, and I found a second Sword of Kings just wandering around.

I'm not sure whether to be stunned at the fact I was able to find two Swords of Kings, one of which in the span of three minutes, or miffed that this didn't happened earlier.
Doodle Dump CXV: Birthday Stormle 2017
Comic one hundred fifteen.

Another year, another birthday gift. This one is 17x longer than the 2016 version (panel-wise).


Panel 1:
Gary (the one with the YSAT shirt): Everything's set up, right?
Jason (the one with no marking on shirt: Yes, sir.

Panel 2:
(Knock, Knock)

Panel 3:
S (the one with hair and a suit and tie): Kyllä, mikä se on? (Yes, what is it?)
Gary: We have a gift that our creator wanted us to give you.

Panel 4:
Ah, jäähtyä. Aseta vain se jonnekin. (Ah, cool. Just set it down somewhere.)
Gary: Thank you, but I don't speak Finnish.
S: Oh, right.

Panel 5:
Gary: Get ready to reveal it when I say so.
Jason: Got it.

Panel 6:
S: So, what is this gift exactly?
Gary: We're about to reveal it now. Take a seat somewhere.

Panel 7:
Gary: 3,2,1, NOW!

Panel 8:
Tarp flies off.

Panel 9:
S: Oh my god! He remembered! How?
Gary: Considering his record, dumb luck.

Panel 10:
S: Thanks for the cake, guys!
Gary: That's not all. Take a look because there's something inside!

Panel 11:

Panel 12:
Strawberry: (Gasping for air.)

Panel 13:
Strawberry: Happy birthday!
S: Uh, thanks....Roy.
Gary: Excuse me.

Panel 14: 
Gary: There was a stripper in there. Where in the fucking high seas is she?
Jason: She was there the last time I checked.

Panel 15:
Meanwhile on the opposite hemisphere...
Pamela (the one with long hair in the buu shirt): I'll be there in just a little bit. Let me just grab my-

Panel 16:
Pamela: -keys.
Unnamed girl (grey shirt): 
Hei, makea posket. Etsitkö hyvää aikaa ... tai ehkä huono aika? (Hey there, sweet cheeks. Are you looking for a good time...or maybe a bad time?)

Panel 17:
Pamela: All right, which one of you fucks put a Finnish stripper in my room:
The guys on the right: ?
Unnamed girl: (In mind: 
Holy pirun, hän on upea. (Holy damn, she's gorgeous)
GIF Test
Because I'm bored and I need a image-hosting site that my school doesn't fucking block.

2700 notifications left to clean up. Yay. ._.

I also learned what 'aromantic' and 'misophonia' mean during it.
Hey, guys. I have another update.

There might be a new writing series on the horizon. It's labeled PSD.

Now you might be thinking why I name my series after a medical disorder, but actually, PSD in this case means 'Pokemon Spotlight Discussion' (Just Pokemon Spotlight would have been catchier but it's taken.)

Pokemon Spotlight Discussion is a series where I talk about a certain Pokemon and why they are special and what would help them and what moves and strategies would help with it and whatnot.

I will list the rundown of what I will talk about:

Introduction - Firstly, I'll intrudoce the Pokemon and it's origins.
Base Stats - Short rundown of all the Pokemon's base stats and base state total
Strategy - I will tell which stats are good or bad and which stats would help or hurt the pokemon, along with other strategies.
Moves and Move Strategy- I will also talk out what move it has access to that can help the Pokemon in battle.
Design - I will also take a look at the design and look at good traits and bad traits it has. (Shiny Included)
Personal Thoughts or Memories- Personal thought, memories or other stuff will go here.
Thoughts on Pre-Evolution- Spolight discussion will only talk about fully evolved Pokemon, so any thought about past evolutions go here. If the Pokemon in the spotlight is a one-off or the Pre-evolution is Eevee, this section will be skipped.
Conclusion- Final words about the Pokemon.

If you have any requests for any Pokemon you possibly want to see in a future PSD, discuss it here

Pokemon currently eligible for PSD at the moment:



United States
My main account (MAL dumping ground for now.)



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